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How to be the First to Get the Boxing Day Deals December 25, 2009

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So I went to go boxing day shopping today! You maybe thinking Im a wee to early since it’s christmas eve BUT people dont realize that most of the sales start on christmas eve! Working in retail during my early teenage years like at Sport Chek or at Aritzia most of the markdowns happen before boxing day since employers dont want to pay their employees double pay or time and a half for marking down clothes on christmas day.

Not only did I go to Metrotown to buy christmas presents but I went to shop for a new years outfit. Although I wasn’t successful I got to get first dibs on sizes and colors. I had quite the selection to choose from! For christmas presents although it was very VERY last minute I got half off on the stuff I bought from mexx for my 2 year old niece. Its not being cheap it’s being a smart christmas shopper!

Some good early discounts i found were at mexx and BCBG

mexx – 50% off everything

BCBG – 30-70% off

There were plenty more but it was just a zoo today at the mall for those last minute shoppers…or maybe I should say they might be smart shoppers


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